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    Creating a user account...

    Hi all,
    I just started using Linux OS not long ago..
    I have created a user account call "user" ...
    However, it will automatically restart the X-Server whenever I log in as user...
    What are the steps required to log in as the X Windows ...??
    Thanks in advance,
    xiao guang

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    Moved to the tech forum, as this isn't "programming related".
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
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    What are the steps required to log in as the X Windows ...??

    to start X:
    #> startx

    to start x after booting, u have to use xdm.... (use telinit for it, u have to change the runlevel....)

    check, whether xdm works correctly:
    #> /sbin/telinit 5

    U should see now a graphical user login window....

    logout now....

    when xdm works, you have to change the runlevel....

    open and edit the file inittab:

    #>joe /etc/inittab

    you have to change:




    you save the file (joe)

    reboot your system, now you can use the graphical login.......

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