Thread: File doesn't delete!!!!

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    Unhappy File doesn't delete!!!!

    I have an empty folder that I created on my desktop (Windows 2000)

    I deleted it a couple of hundred times. But once I restart my laptop or put it in standby, it appears again!

    I tried renaming the file and deleting it (permanently), moving
    it to a different drive and deleting it.. and many many other things...

    but it again appeared on my desktop. WHAT THE HELL???

    does anyone know how to fix this / or had similar problems ????
    please help. i am very close to getting mad!

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    What is it called and where is it?
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    I created the folder "Sundarakandam"

    I said it is on the desktop

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    Seems a bit strange. Maybe you could just hide it. RIght-click, and tick hidden. Maybe it'll work
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    Maybe you should just stop using a desktop

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    i think i finally got rid of the d*mn thing. but who knows, it might pop up again.

    i created another file (i took the risk although i was afraid it's gonna stay too) and deleted the file and this folder together.
    it's about 5 hrs and a couple of standbys and i haven't seen
    the files yet.

    previously i tried renaming and deleting, deleting, moving, renaming and moving, and every possible thing but it showed up again.

    i am not sure if it's gonna come up again if i restart. however, i think the war has come to a temporary halt for now... hopefully..

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    Yet another problem with M$ OSs. Install Linux. Problem solved.

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