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    UML Diagrams

    Hi All
    I have a problem in determing class relationships. The use case is as follows.

    There is a machine which is controlled by a computer. The machine takes input parameters such as a beam intensity,a turntable position,the magnet position and so forth. The operator keys in treatment parameters of the patient into the machine. The computer in turn controls the machine.I guess that the treatment parameters are editable from the console of the computer which is external to the machine. How do i model this using UML?
    My specific question is what are the classes here and how will the class interaction diagram look like.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards

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    What are the nouns?

    What are their relationships?

    What does Larman say?

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    Make a list of all nouns, then determine whether a noun is an object or not, for example a noun could also represent a property of some object. Class interaction diagrams can be derived from the use cases.

    There are many UML tutorials on the internet, I would suggest you read some of them.

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