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    GIF Resizing

    How can I resize a GIF image and preserve the animation?

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    I have designed numerous web pages, but I have never tried that. I would think you would need a program that allows you to make gif animations, load in the image to be resized, and then use the programs resizing capabilities. That is the only way I can think of. Anyone else?
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    Again, sorry to say all the programs I have tried to do the above have failed. The animations just cease to be so to speak.

    You maybe have to make them again? I dunno.
    Such is life.

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    This has worked for me, I resized my avatar like 10 times before getting a size that would be acceptable hehe. I've also used it for other animated gifs for other message boards. Works great and it's free.

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    Man, that is really cool. Thanks for the link.

    (finally I got a new avatar!)

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