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    Unhappy File size / Linux - win

    I had to transfer a file (iso image, size 485MB) which was in C under Win98 to a ftp server (Win2000P)

    I was in Linux, mounted C and fm there ftp'd it to the server. At the server the file size was 486 MB in this case.

    When ftp'd fm Win OS and obsd at server file size was 485MB

    Why like this?? OSs file representation issue or what? i guess mount simply locates a pointer and doent add bytes..

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    Originally posted by Salem
    Was that a genuine difference, or merely how the various tools round up/down to 485/486MB?
    Check the actual number of bytes in the file.
    The difference was huge:
    510 xxx and 508 xxx bytes..

    Did you make sure to choose a binary FTP file transfer?
    What difference does it make? i think it was by default bin..

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