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    DirectX problems

    I just got a new totally sweet video card (radeon 9600 Pro) but right now I can only play games that support OpenGL. I tried installing DirectX 9 from microsoft, but when I actually try playing games it says DirectX isn't installed. I had this trouble before on my old illegal os, but this one is legal and registered so I shouldn't be having problems (on my old one it said 'DirectX cannot be installed on this version of windows' when i try to install it. Now I can install it and everything but when I try playing the actual games it gives me the error).

    Anyone know what to do? I'm kinda stuck.

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    Did you check DirectX site for help? Or maybe you need to update your drivers for your video card or something. Either way I think you took a wrong turn and missed the tech board
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    Yes I have been searching the directx site for help but it has not been helping. My drivers are up to date from

    I put this in the general discussions board because more people view it than the techboard.

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