Thread: restoring my hard drive?

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    restoring my hard drive?

    for some reason my labtop doesnt goes into windows xp, when i
    turn the power on there is the fujitsu logo and then the screen
    turns blank. I called fujitsu and tried the option of using a bootup
    disk and that didnt work, next im going to try going to a service
    center to see if its the hardware, but if worst comes to worst,
    that i need to restore my hd using driveimage and eraseing my
    files, how can a get those files back????
    all my work and especially soon to be due homework is on that
    labtop how can i restore my files...I remeber that nothing is ever
    really erased from HD....
    what should i do?

    i did find a software @
    is that good or is there some other way i can restore my files?

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    i went into setup and my hd is still there, but i still cant get into windows does that mean that if i use a executable that fujitsu gave me to restore my hd to how it was when i first got my labtop then the recovery program will work?

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    i tried about everything there is but nothing worked to save my hd so i went to a repair shop to see if its the hardware but in the end the repair shop cleaned my harddrive and reinstalled windows.
    thanks Salem for your suggestion

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