Thread: need some (urgent) help

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    need some (urgent) help

    ok, my system just started acting weird.
    i have xp, havent formatted in 9 months, ran like i just installed it, took really good care of it

    now i tried booting, and it took about 5-6 minutes (normally takes ~40 seconds)

    so i tried a whole bunch of things, ended up formatting.

    after formatting, it STILL did this. so then i thought maybe its a hardware problem. took out everything, booted with barebones, it worked fine. added in sound card, worked fine. cdrom drive..fine..then i added in my 2nd drive (i have 2 drives, 1 reg cdrom, another cdrw). this drive is on secondary master. i put it in, works fine. i boot up, the system is slow again. then i take it out, works fine. put it in, works reboot its slow.

    so i took out the drive. and it works fine. until now. its bootign up slow again. i put my old dvd drive in, and that worked fine. now i disconnected it, still boots up slow. now i think maybe its my 2nd hard drive. so i took that out, still boots slow.

    my system specs:

    athlon xp 1700+
    shuttle kt266a mobo
    256mb kingston ram
    aopen 56x cd rom
    lite-on 24x10x40 cdrw
    maxtor 60gb
    wd 10gb
    visiontek gf4 ti4400 (o/c)
    dlink 10/100nic
    sb audigy

    so what do you think the problem is? its very very frustrating, its almost 230 am and ive been tryign to work it out all day. *sigh*
    tomorrow ill run a diagnostic on my maxtor 60gb, maybe theres something wrong with the drive. i built the comp, ive had it for well over a year now, i dont understand what it is. im pretty sure its hardware, because even aftera full format + reinstall of windows, it did it.
    perhaps theres something wrong with my mobo's IDE channels?

    gonna post this over at anandtech too. thanks guys.

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    I've got XP home.I had installed Morpheus and when I played a video file,the system halted and went into hibernation.The OS remained slow for a day or two,but its kinda working fine right now.Needless to say,I've sweared to never install any P2P software again!

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    it wasnt anything like that. i ve fixed it (temporarily it hink)

    i took out everything again and booted lots of times adding another peice of hardware in, it works alright now.

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    Did you really figure out what's the root of the problem? I shouldn't be the P2P s/w problem huh?
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