Thread: StarOffice vis-a-vis MS Office

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    Question StarOffice vis-a-vis MS Office

    I have abt StarOffice and compatibility with MS Office but not used it. Has anyone used it on Linux

    1) Is .doc / .ppt and .xls files format retained in Star

    2) Any site to download it FREE

    3) Any other applicaiton 100% compatible with MS Office


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    eeks, plz read as I have read abt..

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    1) You have the option to save as .doc; etc...; if you wish to but you will lose some of star offices features from your documents otherwise S.O. has it own format

    2)Up too version 5.2 was free, I'm not sure if it's still available from suns website

    3)Open office heaps better than star office and great compatibility with MS office, in fact the GUI even looks the same

    Hope I've helped
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    I finished up removing OpenOffice. I found an error, (reported and in their bug tracking system), with the word processor that made it impossible for me to rely on it. Basically, a .doc prepared on a Win95 system displays differently in OO on an XP system, the formatting was not the same in that what had been the last line of page 1 now became the first line of page 2. Screwed up my CV for example, which tends to create a bad impression when dealing with potential clients.
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