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    Laptop Batteries

    Battery type: Lithium-Ion

    A few questions. I tried searching google, only to come up with differing answers.

    1. If I use the AC adapter while working on the laptop, does it continue to charge the battery? I read that Li-Ions are "smart" batteries, and stop charging when fully charged; is it true?

    2. Is it okay to keep it plugged in overnight if I'm not using the laptop (with battery in)? (kindof deals with #1, just don't want to overcharge the battery)

    3. I read LiIon's don't need to be reconditioned monthly. Is this true?


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    my dad leaves his battery in 24/7 and never unplugs the laptop, so i wouldnt sweat it too much

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    Indeed Li-ion batteries dont have a "memory" like the old ones did. Normally with a battery who has that "memory" you will have to drain it completely but these batteries are smart like you said.

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