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    Bios upgrade-dell latitude

    K heres my prob i ordered a new Li-ion battery. Just got it and i read everything (not much) that was to do... along with the battery came a CD wich has a Bios upgrade.... they adviced to install this before changing the battery ( its another type but compatible with the laptop).
    So i folowed their advice...And now im here praying someone's got an answer to my problems..

    After installing the Bios ugrade (wich went fine) i inserted the batttery , everythings oke so far.
    I want to rebot wich also works but then windows loads starts threading me saying you need a driver for who-knows-what (probably the battery - although that seems fairly strange to me).
    Anyway i install the things it asks.
    Before doing all this ii had a resolution of 1200 * you know what.
    Now its down to 640*400 and i cant change it..
    Windows (98 SE) says that my video adapter isnt the right one...although i just installed the latest drivers...
    When i check the display adapter its functioning according to windows just fine.

    Does anybody ever had a similar problem wich also involved some bios upgrade...
        print_to_brains("DO NOT INSTALL THE BIOS UPGRADE!!!);
    And o yeah when i try to change the resolution it says you have to reboot i reboot and then he can do two things:either just dont boot at all, or boot but dont changge the resolution.

    Thx in advance ,would really appreciate any help.

    P.S: the cd that came along has a program wich can test evry single hardware thing on the laptop. I alrdy ran every test and it passed them all, so apparently i havent done anything that wrong wich could'of caused hardware damage.
    AAh just great now windows is complaining about the Infrared thingie on this laptop. I feel like suing Dell for this.
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    Is it somehow possible of undoing the BIOS update ??
    Because else my troubles are away but i really need this comp since im leaving to Nigeria (voluntary work) and i really need it overthere.

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    I've never heard of a battery coming with a BIOS upgrade. Anyways, did you call the company that you purchased the battery from and claim damages?
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    I already emailed the contact person (from wich i bought the battery) at the dell site.

    After some dell site checking i found out that win 98 and Me use another power managment then the BIOS is made for.... and the OS overrides the power management of the BIOS.
    It has something to do with APM and APCI dont ask me what the differences are all i know is that its that that causes the troubles.

    Ive been downloading about 12 different bios update even the first Bios version from this laptop ever + i first ran and installed the register utitlity that is needed with the bios update...

    If Dell was smart they could adda line like this to the autostart html file of the cd-rom
    Caution: If you are running Win98 Se or if you dont know the OS please run the program RUN_ME_REG.exe.
    How long does it take to add those line to a auto load on input of cd-rom hml file.... Probably too long for the ppl at the company :S
    If they wrote sometything like this in it this wouldof never happened to me.
    Anyway ill c what the tech support says, and i hope its gonna be alrighty without me having to pay for something.
    Because the last time i paid them they added a certain cd-rom to the packaga that now ruined my comp, so if il have to pay again maybe they let my laptop explode with a remote control

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    If some people wouldnt mind checking for this bios on the net because i just cant find em.
    Its supposed to be a bios for a Latitude CPt V (the version i think 123ST or 213ST). Im just asking this because i've tried over 18 BIOS updates-downgrades and none of them make sense.
    I got all these BIOS-updates from here , you would think all BIOS updates are there, but no i was thinking wrong last night when i tried the first BIOS update from there.
    Btw: if everything fails and tech support lets me down, and since i really need this laptop, would it be advisable or would it even work when i disemble the laptop and take out the Mobo-battery ?
    I know that on a normal comp you can take out the battery and leav the comp like that for some time and then re-insert the battery and you will have the factory BIOS .

    Would this work as well on a laptop ?

    PS: ive got the laptop manual so i pretty much know where evry part is located and what i have to do to ensure that i dont damage anything ( although a slipper with some screwdriver happens fast ).
    Thx in advance,


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