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    Expert system?

    Hi all

    Would someone mind telling me what an "expert system" is?

    Why does it have to be expert?

    In what areas are these systems much needed/implemented?

    If I were to develop such a software, generally what would I need? Lots of patience I guess lol


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    An expert system is typically rule based. You specify a large number of rules, "If X and Y then Z has a 80% probability". This kind of thing.

    The more complicated systems can have literally hundreds of thousands of rules.

    Medical diagnostic systems often use this approach. It can be used in any situation where a straight forward procedural solution does not work.

    In one of my previous employs, we used an expert system shell to produce a control system for a particulaly cranky gas turbine powered pump. The old control room guys knew that "If the sun was setting and the birds were singing that kicking the manifold twice before pressing button J had a 15% higher probability of getting the thing going" - (I jest, but in actual fact - a lot of very weird things came out in that project).

    >>> generally what would I need?

    A good understanding of normal and Bayesian statistics.
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