Thread: Two Windows on two different HDD??? Question

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    Question Two Windows on two different HDD??? Question


    After receiving an upgrade for my computer I was lucky enough to also recieve Windows XP proffesional. As a new HDD was inserted into my computer I placed XP prof. onto this but found that I still had Win98 on my old HDD.

    Would it be possible for me to delete Win98 without causing problems?

    By the way my new XP HDD is the one i boot off.


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    Well, I would just start again, if you dont have stuff you want to keep on the old hdd. Burn anything important(or copy it over to new HDD), then format the old one.

    To format, use disk management , which is a feature of XP. It lets you do all sorts of stuff.

    Oh-edit. Removing 98 from old drive will invariably leave stuff behind-thats why I would format it. Ans as XP is booting from the new drive, you shouldnt be able to stuff it up.
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    lucky!!???? xp??!!! a combination of words not often heard together. Depeneds on if you want to keep your win98 installation or not, if you have two drives you can setup a dual boot, if you want to use only XP Pro, dont 'delete' win98, format the drive.
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    You might get into problems if you just removed Win98, since all the boot info would be located on the Win98 disk/partition. Just like in a dual-boot situation.

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    why do people like s this os (XP)? every computer i have worked on with this operating system has had nothing but problems.i had to tweak my moms for 3 days just to get it to run it.worked on one a week ago that wuld not run it, and it was a 2 ghz other words, i cant stand it. memory hungry, do nothing os.

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    My winXP works great, for the most part...

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    I've had less BSODs in XP compared to Win98SE...It's like for every 10 BSODs in Win98SE, I've had only 1 in XP...

    Yup, it's memory hungry, but too much memory in Win98 could cause you trouble

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