Thread: Fixing Laptops

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    Fixing Laptops

    Does anyone know a good resource on fixing laptops? I have one with a busted/loose video card. Its gonna be too hard to pay for it to be fixed so I want to do it myself
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    I believe you start by removing the keyboard, which gives you access to the things beneath it... but I have no idea what it will entail, and I don't have a laptop at which to look.

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    dont take it apart yourself, laptops are built by the rarer spotted 1 cm pixies of finland with fingers just 0.5mm in length and laptop fixings to match. I opened my laptop to change the hard disk, they dont come aprt or go back together again without specialist tools, i broke my laptop this way - be careful.
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    how did you get it apart without "specialist tools"? now i have to look at mine, im sure its hard but that sounds like a nightmare.

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    i improvised with a few screw drivers and a pair of pliers,

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    i actually fixed my own keyboard(laptop).
    Acer was thinking of charging 160bucks or so an hour to fix my keyboard. Just cant afford it.

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    hope it helps.

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