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    I've been working on Windows Forms and database management with, for quite some time now,but I think its time for me to study web services and web pages using I'll be buying IIS in a few days.
    But what I wanna know is what exactly is the difference between a server and a proxy server.What can a server do that a proxy server can't?Also,can servers be used in free domains such as web pages in Geocities or Angelfire?

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    A Proxy Server is a Server; it's just meant for forwarding data for the most part. And no, servers cannot just be placed onto geocities or angelfire - however on some hosts you may be allowed to place certain scripts which may fetch domain data and send it back, which is very very costly because of bandwidth usage. If you want to set up a proxy I recommend setting one up on a Unix machine hosted at home.
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    if you really want to get into servers, setup a few networks at home, you can get sparc statiuons of ebay for quite cheaply.
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