Thread: Minor Visual C++ 6.0 Compiler Issue(s)

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    Arrow Minor Visual C++ 6.0 Compiler Issue(s)

    To be brief, these are the 2 problems VC/C++ 6.0 has:

    1: Sometimes when I compile code it locks up during the 'Linking...' stage; it will not allow me to 'Stop' the build; and I am forced to end the process of the compiler.

    2: Every time I CTR+F5 to 'Execute [ProjectName].exe', even after I've built the EXE, I get the following message:

    Compiler Message
    One or more files are out of date or do not exist.

    These files need to be built:

    Would you like to build them?
    I am uncertain of why I receive the above error after I've already built the EXE. Do any of you know of any fixes for the compiler or reasons why I may be experiencing those kinds of results?

    It began happening to me shortly before I reinstalled Windows, but now I've reinstalled VS6.0 and .NET and I still have the same problems. I have taken note that it could be a problem caused by something else I may have installed during both separate setups. The problem is only with VS6.0.
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    For 1)... occassionally I get something sort of like that, but not quite. If you click on the menus again before it is done compiling/linking, it won't finish until you stop using the menu... I dunno, try not clicking anything while it compiles?

    For 2) Are you compiling for Release the first time, or have you changed any code? Perhaps there is something in the options?

    Sorry, neither of those was probably worth the time it took you to read them.

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    1) I get this a lot if the program is still running and I try to compile it
    2) Happens to me often, but I just ignore it.

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    1) ive only had this happen once. i forced a hampster through my floppy drive and everything just worked after that.

    2) i never bother trying to run programs in the IDE. i just compile then test run with the .exe

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    Your 1 happens to me on my older machine. If I reboot, it works fine again and again, but if I go into Outlook and send/receive e-mail, it will fail with this symptom next, and every subsequent time until I reboot.

    I tend not to develop on that machine any more.

    >>> i forced a hampster through my floppy drive

    Would that be a "hamster"? Double sided? Double density? Size? Colour?
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    > Would that be a "hamster"? Double sided? Double density? Size? Colour?

    yes, sorry. it was a hamster. it was one of those fully integrated development hamsters. i think it had a 3 double sided levels with multiple heads. it was a teddy bear hamster (you know, the ones with longer furry hair) so the density was average but shear volume was increased. it also had the slick new brown and white design. sweeeeet.

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    Visual Studio 6 used to lock up on my all the time during linking, this went away after I installed Service Pack 5.

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    For the 2nd problem, it shows that when you have edited your code since you last executed it. The compiler notices that the executable file's code doesn't match your source code, so it decides that your files are out of date and you need to recompile your source code. In short, just click yes whenever you see that and it'll update those files.
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