Thread: i need some regedit help (scrollbar colors)

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    i need some regedit help (scrollbar colors)

    ok i have windowblinds, which, if you dont know, is a program that can change what menu bars, window edges, etc look like. in the full version you can also change the scroll bar colors, but i dont have the full version cause it costs money. so i was thinking of editting it by hand in regedit, because i figured it would be there. i searched for things like "scroll" which turned out to be too general, so then i tried "scrollbar" and found something but when i editted the value it didnt seem to have any effect. is there any way to change it in regedit, and if so, how, or if not, where can i change it?
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    You could check out for some pointers on the topic. Otherwise, I would guess that the developers made the evaluation-version read the information from an encrypted file.
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