Thread: can i use a bootloader to pick from linux/xp if they are on diff HDs?

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    can i use a bootloader to pick from linux/xp if they are on diff HDs?

    topic, plus what bootloader should i get? im thinking either grub or lilo seeing as how they come with redhad (which is the linux im dling now)
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    i have win98 and xp on diff hdd's in my comp and i can load either of those so dont c why not

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    Its worked for me too, using Lilo.
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    I've done it on GRUB before. All you have to do is make sure your config file for your bootloader has the right hdd for the other OS and right partition.

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    Yes you can. Install XP on one HD first, then install Linux with GRUB, and ADD hdb0 to GRUB (if you switched HD's, otherwise its hda0). Or you could also use Removable Drive Bays, which probably are around $15 USD (for the cheapest ones).
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    Well, obviously you can do the above, but let me tell you it may not be smooth.

    I D/L mandrake and installed on a spare drive.

    Could I get it to dual boot with XP...? Could I F...!

    EVENTUALLY I got it to work...see the above post-but it is sometimes not so take the day off or something to do it.

    The bugger would hang for ever then always revert back to the windows loader.

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    Acutially I had no problem with loading up XP on a secondary hdd with lilo. I had Linux on hda/hde and XP/2K on hdb
    This is what I did with /etc/lilo.conf and had no problems what so ever
       map-drive= 0x81 to=0x80
       map-drive= 0x80 to=0x81
    I dont have my lilo.conf file on me.. ill post the entire file later when I get my box up at my new appartment if you want it. Or you can PM me.

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