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    134, free tech support

    hey guys,
    this is an excellent site that provides free tech support...all you have to do is create an account....and for the gurus in here you can sign up to become a tech and help the site out.Visit it at

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    I applied and have not been emailed within 36 hours, which I suppose means that I was declined. Afew of the questions they asked to prove your knowledge required additional information. Like, how could a tech support give an accurate response to:

    "Sometimes when I boot up my computer it beeps once like usual, but then it just hangs, then after I restart it afew times it's fine once it gets to the clouds."??

    Okay that leaves us with this: It could be a Hardware conflict, or a software conflict, or both. Seems like a really dumb question to ask to see if someone is qualified when they are not allowed to ask customers for additional information on the situation.
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    The tech sup answer to that problem is generally along the lines of "what was the last thing you did before it started acting like this?" - they will say "nothing, it just did it", then it's your job to coax it out of them.

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