Thread: NetPalNow, AdWare wont uninstall!

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    Angry NetPalNow, AdWare wont uninstall!

    I don't know how it got there, perhaps through a Kazaa upgrade or something. However, whenever I run IE it puts a bunch of shortcuts on my desktop. I've checked the registry and start folder for applications which may start up with the machine and resemble such software, but it is not there -Which means its a plugin of some kind. I went to and they have an uninstall, I've ran it 3 times already and it is not removed. I am very very frusterated and I cannot figure out where the plugin is. These are the types of shortcuts it leaves on my desktop:


    I feel like killing whoever owns that business. Like, just go to their homepage... they make it sound like Ads are fun! Anyways, does anyone know where IE Plugins are kept?
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    I dunno if you tried this thing called ad-aware . Else you can try it maybe this will find those "plugins"...( but i think it wont detect that thing)

    And heres where "normal" plugins of IE are stored in (kinda logic)
    C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\PLUGINS.
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    Format your hard drive. It's your only choice.

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    Originally posted by blackrat364
    Format your hard drive. It's your only choice.


    If adaware or spybot 'search and destroy' cant do it, at least try to start, search, 'netwhateveritwas'.

    See what explorer will find. Remove these components. You may get lucky. Dont format just yet.
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