Thread: need memory?

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    need memory?

    hi people, i know this is not a question that relates to programming...but lots of people have been so helpful with techincal problems before.

    i'm running xp operating system with 128 mb ddr memory, but every time i turn on my computer it makes a long beeping sound and repeats every 3 seconds.

    when i turn off (in the back) and turn back on again..its fine.

    any suggestions would be very appreciated.....thanks

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    A POST (Power On Self Test) error. Who is the manufacturer of your motherboard's BIOS?

    btw, this belongs in a museum *cough* I mean the Tech Board.

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    It sounds like it could be the power supply. Generally it's a PS problem when the beep codes change, if the machine stops working, or if the computer seems to heal itself. However, POST codes should not repeat, which means that it's probably damaged RAM; try removing the RAM, dust off your MB(with compressed air), and place the RAM in again.
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    thanks for your help

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