Thread: WEb thing!

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    Jenny Tey

    WEb thing!

    Computer guys,
    i have to disturb u guys again. i have learned html just a week ago. now i'm quite blur about the DHTML,XHTML AND XML.

    Whatta is the big differences between three of them?
    hope that u can let me know....


    one more tth ing, if xml is thatt powerful, how come ppl said..that tthey don't encourage ppl to use xml for their homeepages?

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    Registered User major_small's Avatar
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    ^ XML is basically a database - homepages are scripted and have more to them than information... all XML really does is organize information to be retrieved by something else...
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    The onle differance betreen html and xhtml is that in xhtml everything has to have a ending code tag, in html you dont

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    J Tey
    What u meant,scott?

    The different between html and xhtml is the ending code tag/
    if that is the case? is it more powerful that the html?

    how is the ending code tag look like/ wish to know......

    As,Mjor_small post, the xml is act as a organize information that is easily for other thing to retrieve.
    how is it going to worked/
    wish to know more................

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    No! There is a LOT more to XHTML than just the ending tag thing. Check out for all your internet tutorials. It's the best site.

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    J tEY
    Well, pls just let me know more about the DHTML AND XHTML. the different between these two languages.
    thanks a lot.......

    hope to hear again soon!!!

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    J tey
    guys,tell me more ,should u?pls

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    PC Fixer-Upper Waldo2k2's Avatar
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    DHTML is a mix of javascript css and html
    it's not it's own language
    PHP and XML
    Let's talk about SAX

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    J tey

    Thanks for the answer, well, what is css?
    if it's the combination...i think i know how to handle it.

    How about the xhtml? thanks..............

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    Pursuing knowledge confuted's Avatar
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    cascading style sheets.

    You might want to try the link earlier in this thread, or this link for some more in-depth answers.

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    J tey
    No insulting pls... u don't help, just say so........or if u don't know,i won't blame at u,ok!

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    C++ Developer XSquared's Avatar
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    Ontario, Canada
    Naturally I didn't feel inspired enough to read all the links for you, since I already slaved away for long hours under a blistering sun pressing the search button after typing four whole words! - Quzah

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    J tey


    One thing here,how to run a xml file?
    pls......... is it like the way how to run a html file?
    hope to hear from u again!!!

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    PC Fixer-Upper Waldo2k2's Avatar
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    May 2002
    read up on xml and you should figure it out. It's parsed by the browser just how html is. Except you need a DTD or a schema so that the browsers knows what your tags mean. And don't come back asking what a dtd is or i'll have to smack you silly. Just check all the links we've provided.
    PHP and XML
    Let's talk about SAX

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    J tey
    Don't be that angry.........waldo.
    try to be nice!!!

    I got it!

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