Thread: Do I have a Fax Machine..?

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    Cool Do I have a Fax Machine..?

    I'm still looking for a job. It turns out that a lot of ads ask you to
    send your resume over a fax. Is there a way I can use my computer
    to fax resume?

    I know I have the following options in Accessories->Communications->

    Fax Console.
    Fax Cover Letter Editor.
    Send Fax.

    Everytime I click one, a Fax-wizard comes up. I don't know why,
    but I'm afraid of Wizards. I guess maybe I think it'll configure
    something in a way that I don't want it to be configured, and I'll
    never be able to fix it. Or maybe it's because I'm afraid that it'll
    somehow cause me to subscribe to some service...

    I've never used a fax machine before. With my computer, do I have

    If I do have one, does it work over my regular telephone line, or
    through my ISP? Or, do I need to subscribe to a special fax-
    sending service? Also, how do I actually create the faxes? Do I
    type my resume into a little box, or do I attatch my RTF resume
    document. What will the receivers of the fax actually get? A print-out
    my RTF document?
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    Fax a copy to someone you know first to make sure what you think you are sending is actually what comes out the other end! You'll look a right plonker if they ask for your resume, and a recipe for cheesecake pops out!

    In Denmark, you can send a fax to the local post office if you don't have anyone around that will accept a fax from you, don't know if that is the case in the US.
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    You may use external software like WinFax Pro, which is more user friendly.

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