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    I am writing a school essay on future computer design and architecture as in enhancedments to the current design, the limitations of electrical design, possible replacements for the electrical design, limitations/replacements for the van nueman machine, etc.. and i was wonderin if anyone knows any good web-sites or other sources that handle this kinda stuff cause i am lookin to be as precise as possible. Thanks in advance

    Dirk van Hensbergen

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    dont you watch star trek, just make up some garbage about bio-nueral gel packs and warp 10
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    Yes i tried google but i am getting is short articles... Plus i can't BS this one =] it is for my IB Diploma, Extended essay if you are fimialiar with the IB program...

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    Look for articles about "Richard Feynman".

    He was the one that introduced the idea of Nanotechnology, and in the same stroke took the idea to the very extreme by working out what the smallest/fastest possible computer could be if we go down to the very molecules.

    Look for Wearable PCs on the net.

    Search the net for neural implants, esp the news. (CNN for example.)

    Look for Quantum Computers on the net.

    That's it, should get you enough material for a good project.

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