Thread: Style sheet problem.

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    Style sheet problem.

    I have an html <dl> list, where each list item is a second <dl>. What I want is for the outer <dl> to use a .gif as it's list-style-image, and the inner to have list-style: none. So I set up two different class identifiers in my .css file and applied them to the lists, however, the inner <dl> is also displaying the .gif. I assume the outer <dl> is cascading onto the inner, despite specifically being assigned to a different class.

    Is there a way round this?
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    Here's a sample using LI tags, controlling the type of bullet markers used. I guess DL tags have a similar control(?)

    <style type="text/css">
    ul.square  { list-style-type:square; }
    ul.decimal { list-style-type:decimal;}
    ul.none    { list-style-type:none;   }
    <ul class=square>
      <li>Item one</li>
        <ul class=decimal>
          <li>Sub Item</li>
          <li>Sub Item</li>
      <li>Item two</li>
        <ul class=none>
          <li>Sub Item</li>
          <li>Sub Item</li>
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