Thread: ps2 behind external firewall

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    ps2 behind external firewall

    hey, i picked up the ps2 network adapter and everything works fine when i run it straight from the modem, however, to do this i unplug everyone else's internet connection. when i hook the ps2 up to my network i cant connect to any games because of the external firewall/router. anyone got any ideas?

    i read that opening ports 1791/1792 can fix this but i have no idea how to do such a thing and what the security consequences are....

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    >>i have no idea how to do such a thing
    Check in your router config, which will be accessible through the computer on port 1 of the router, probably on the IP address Just stick it in your browser and then figure out how to open the port in the router settings and save. If you're worried about security...perhaps you can just open the ports to one computer, but more likely, you'll just have to close them again when you're done on the PS2

    edit: PM me if you want me to show you where the setting is on my router...I can do that.
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