Thread: Start bar color in WinXP

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    Start bar color in WinXP

    Is there a way to change the start bar to a custom color in WinXP? I'd like to make it black with just the green start button, the quick launch, the clock, and if possible, I'd like to change the background on the little bars for each window you have open as well. I couldn't find a way in the regular settings.

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    Download 2 programs:
    TGTSoft StyleXP
    TGTSoft StyleBuilder

    StyleXP Will Allow you to use your style, and rund seamlessly with windows, slowing down absolutely nothing.

    Stylebuilder will allow you to build your styles.

    Both Have a fairly nice-sides license fee, but well worth it.

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    Gah, there has to be an easier way than those programs...I tried, but they...aren't exactly very user friendly.

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    well theres a site thats like or something to that effect, ive never been to it but you can change an awful lot, im willing to bet start bar color is one of the things you can change
    as far as not using any 3rd party program goes, im not sure if you can change it through windows.
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    Hmmm...Any way to change the colors in the Registry? Or maybe tweaking any specific system files?
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