Thread: Best Anti Virus Software...?

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    Best Anti Virus Software...?

    Iam using Norton Anti virus software..It is so much good but the problem is that it comsume lot of my system resources.
    some one say that use Macfee Anti virus software .It consume less ram as compaired to Norton...? Forther there is another Free anti virus software AVG from .How is this anti virus softwre? Is it tolally free for the user or it will be expire anfter 30 days tryal...??
    Please guide me which should i chose..thanks in advance..

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    personally i have never got on with either McAffe or Norton and Sophos is a waste of time IMHO

    so i have always used AVG it is brilliant, and their free version is free just a few things that you can't do, but doesn't matter too much

    and even if you do like it is worth paying for it, as it only costs a little over 10

    so yeah go with AVG it's much better and doesnt use as many resouces :d
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    Norton only detects virus files, it doesn't fix a corput hard drive, PATCH ADAMS!

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    >>If you are using the Norton AntiVirus CD as an Emergency Disk, you can ignore all of the instructions to change disks, as all necessary information is on the CD.

    You may need to change your computer's BIOS Setup options to start from the CD-ROM drive.

    To use the CD as an Emergency Disk
    Insert the Norton AntiVirus CD into the CD-ROM drive.
    Restart your computer.
    The Emergency program scans your computer and removes viruses.
    More Information<<

    EDIT-above taken from NAV help files-EDIT

    You mean it doesnt do what exactly? It does MORE than detect virus files...........

    I use Norton, quite happily. No problems. I do have plenty of resources available though. Most modern PC's will have LOTS of free resources-are you sure it is causing a problem
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    I've work as a technician at a computer store for the last three years, and I have found that Norton (any version) is not the best by any means. I have found more virus's are let through than any other major virus protection software, even when updated files are downloaded regularily. Also, as stated above it takes up to much system power to run, and places files everywhere which makes it hard to uninstall. Even if the program is uninstalled, there is still many files left lingering on the hard drive just waiting to cause a problem. I find it big, bulky and messy. PCCillon is good, and so is System Suite by Ontrack (now a different company). The latter I have never run in to any problems in any way and would recommend it to anyone. Even though I have found many problems, there are people who swear it is the best (Norton that is). Just from my experience and working with computers every day, I find it not worth the head ache's and probably should be avoided.

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