Thread: Copy a text in BMP file

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    Copy a text in BMP file

    I have a BMP picture & some tect is writton on it .I want to copt that text & past it in my Note pad. The big problem is that it can,t be copy because it is in picture form .Please can someone tell me that how can i copy a spefic text line in BMP & past it in note pad.
    An early reply would be appriciate.

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    In that case you have to make some kind of recognition algorithm. Think of a way how a letter (or digit) is made up.
    This is no easy stuff, and I can't help you more than that.
    As you said, Text != Picture so there is no simple conversion...

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    if the text is inserted in proper order in the BMP file then u can try using softwares like Hexworkshop to figure out what is there in the file

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    I think he means its literally in the picture (not ascii hidden in the file). Some kind of text recognition program I guess, could write a simple one yourself of its not text on a picture background (could be more complicated that way).

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    or you could print it out, and then scan it in using OCR, failing that just copy it out
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    how about converting the bmp to vector form...I think Flash has that option, then you could cut and paste it from there.

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    Just do a search for ABBYY finereader. It is a text recognition program that uses OCR (optical character recognition). Its free!
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