Thread: VGA to cable converting???

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    Question VGA to cable converting???

    I don't know if this is even possable but can I convert my computer monitor into a TV monitor. Not like a win tv type of thing but like convert the cable to an video cable from an A/V cable set? In short I am trying to see if I can convert my flat screen monitor into a tv screen.

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    I'm afraid it isn't so easy as to simply make up a cable and put "those pins there". Assuming we're talking about a TV aerial cable, it carries a modulated composite signal at a given frequency (Usually 50 or 60Hz). Monitors expect separated RGB channels as input, as well as a timing signal to determine the refresh rate (Usually 75Hz).

    Thus, in order to turn your monitor into a TV, you'd need to de-modulate the signal into component colour channels and generate your own timing signal so the monitor knows when to start redrawing the screen.

    Of course, if this "cable" can be about 5cm in diameter, then it may be possible, although squeezing it either end into little connectors would look fugly...

    Nope, sorry, you'll need a box of some sort (such as a TV card) to do that.

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    Do they make any type of small converter box for that, or are you talking about running it into something like an ALL IN WONDER graphics card?

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    Yeah, just look for graphics card that have a tv out.

    Go to dell and look at the graphics cards that come with their computers. They have a couple of different options.

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    You can get cards that take in TV input with coaxial cable, or composite, or whatever you are using.

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