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    Question Help! another linux thread

    Hi all

    Ok so i finally found the rpm for my modem for linux RH8 and installed it : all went well.

    I can now dial into the internet using wvdial.
    This prog connects verifies user name password and all the rest and connects.

    The problem is the web browser Mozilla doesnt know that it has connected to the internet.
    I have checked the connect icon in lower right side of the mozilla browser and weather it is connected or disconnected it will not look out into the internet.

    Also if i create a new connection to the internet using the wizard it creates it fine, only when i go through the properties of the connection i see the modem is labeled /dev/modem and i cannot change this to anything else.

    I know that wvdial uses dev/ttyio <? (mm i think it was this !) anyway it is different to the network connection.

    Anyway this sounds confusing to me but if anyone could help

    I shall return with more info on what i was doing and in what window etc ... (it was late ...)

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