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    Hard Drive Partitioning

    I have a 120GB HD and I initially created a 40gb Windows parition and a 20gb Redhat partition, leaving 60gb available for future expansion. I am getting a TV card and preparing a DVR so I'd like to partition this extra space now, most likely into one 60gb Windows partition. Can anybody help me out, what tools do I need, I thought fdisk would do stuff like this but it isn't on my system (I'm on XP), will a copy of fdisk from another PC work or is there some other tool I should be using.

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    I had to use the Evaluation version of partition magic...

    Also - create a small partition of 1-2gigs for your swap disk, it'll run a little faster.
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    Thanks for the link, I'll check that out. are you saying 1-2 gigs for a swap disk for Partition Magic or just a standard swap disk? (I already have a swap disk and everything runs great.)

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    He means Swap for Linux. Yea you can use Partition Magic to partition the logical drive into NTFS, or FAT32. However, you do not need Partition Magic to do this. In windows XP there is a tool which will do this, goto Control Panel>>Administrative Tools>>Computer Management, then to the Disk Management on the left.
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    Thanks that's just what I'm looking for.

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    I found this to be a great free Parition Resizing and Management program.

    It's what I used to partition out my harddrive to dual-boot Windows and Linux.

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    I thought fdisk would do stuff like this but it isn't on my system (I'm on XP)
    You can just boot your system to Win 98 or Win ME using the boot floppy disk. You don't have to worry about partitioning using fdisk if you're on Win XP.

    Just boot your system with the boot disk and get on with your partition job with fdisk. Then restart your system (Ctrl+Alt+Del), remove your boot disk and you'll get back to your Win XP or RedHat.

    Hope that I'm correct cause I've been doing this for many many years now.
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