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Thread: Using someone elses computer

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    Using someone elses computer

    I just have few questions...

    Long time ago I was wondering how to get my games on my dad's comp, which was always fastest in the house without him finding out that I've played them. Couple times I got busted and the BIOS password was changed but I still managed to peak on the keyboard and guess it - easy.

    Now couple years later I realized that by installing the game in the first place and then coping it to some other hidden directory and uninstalling it from HD you can still play it without it being on the list in Add/Remove programs. I considered myself a genius.

    But then ohhhhh nooooooooo. My dad was a bit suspicious one day about the position of mouse and keyboard on the table and he desided to run some searches. So he found out.

    So here is the question: What are the best ways to hide away from someone elses computer while you still access it and look up info and play games without other persom finding out you were on it?
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    i used to this all the time at my school. i had a cd made with a bunch of .bats. it would clear everything (history, temp files, documents on start menu) and had a game on it (delta force land warrior). it worked well, but my admins are windoze people, so its not that hard. they spend to much time restarting servers.

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    >>without other persom finding out you were on it?

    Not be on it perhaps?

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    the only time i ever did this was w/a trojan, no pro w/it, only did it a few times to a few people i knew to see if i could...
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    put stuff back where you found it.

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