Thread: Software to replace RecordNow

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    Software to replace RecordNow

    I've been disappointed big time with this crap from Veritas. It was included with my hp dvd burner, but this junk has got to go as I've never seen such useless garbage. Does anyone care to offer some software suggestions for basic data backup on cdr, cdrw, dvd+r, dvd+rw that will work with win98se or 2k?

    Something that you've tried and were happy with.


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    The Roxio line of products isn't too bad.

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    I have Easycd 5, but it doesn't recognize this dvd burner... the hp 300i.

    I'll have to see if there is a newer version I guess.

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    I haven't had any probs with NERO - I have a very good but obscure burner and NERO is the only software that seems to recognize it - it's better than RecordNow and Roxio IMO.
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