Thread: I Hate Viruses!

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    I Hate Viruses!

    Ok, long story short my brother downloaded somehting that came with n-CASE. Basically it's easy to uninstall, and i can delete the folder after it's uninstalled, but now theres a problem. After I deleted the n-CASE folder from the recycle bin, it made the noise but the icon still showed trash. So I right clicked and said empty again, then it said, "Are you sure you want to delete 'WINDOWS'"

    A-holes, whenever i delete that n-CASE thing it throws the windows folder in the trash, and now i can't get it out. It won't restore, and it won't show the folder in the trash, i just shows theres smoething in there and that when i try to delete it tells me the name of the folder (windows). So wtf am I supposed to do? How is this even possible. Im running windows XP, im going to make a quick hdd backup in case shiznit hits the fan. Till then im searching for more stuff on google, but it'd be nice fi anyone here had an answer
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    Install Linux. Probelm solved.

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    > It could just be a readonly file called "windows" which just happens to be in the trash (see above).
    There are about 10 files on my hard drive that show up with:
    dir /s windows.*
    The 10 I included in my count are just named windows with no extension assignment.

    > Is your windows directory really called windows?
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    I fixed it, spybot had gotten rid of the virus but i was worried about that recycle bin thing, before i read salem's post I had fooled around enough as to where either windows caught on that the file wasn't there, or security kicked in and didn't allow it to be deleted.
    My best guess is that XP won't let you delete the windows folder, and it showed the empty trash cause it removed it from the trash, but hadn't updated the list yet....or somehting like that.
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    I had the exact same thing happen to me. I also have XP and after a while the folder just wasn't in the recycle bin anymore. I was actually never really concerned about it in the first place, though, it seemed more amusing to me than anything else, I guess.
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    Xupiter toolbar is another bad one.

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