Thread: Something is on my computer

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    lol, that kinda went off track, hey frenchfry, are you still having the issue?

    I just thought of something, if you are still having the problem, run a "reg restore" from dos. If you're willing, it should help a lot.
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    I use Gnucleus now, no spyware or anything. And it's OPEN SOURCE!

    What is the URL of that ZoneAlarm thing?

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    Incase you haven't tried this...

    Also, Kazaa Lite is a good option instead of Kazaa, it still uses the same service, but all of the spyware is removed and there is no Bonzi Buddy to deal with

    There are also registry keys that can start programs on startup, and they can be tough to find. (Everyone says backup your registry before messing with it, and even though I don't, you probably should) Go through your registry and delete everything to do with the program, there could be several directories, and there might also be some registry entries in one of the Windows folders to start the thing. If you know the name of the .exe, of course, delete every copy of that on your system, and also check in the WinNT folder (or whatever version of Windows you are running) and see if there is a directory for it there. If you don't know the name of the .exe, you could check your running processes...if you have XP, it's easy, just ctrl-alt-del and click on the processes tab.

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    How come I never had spyware problems after installing and using kazaa? Why don't people ever try to untick those checkboxes that says "Install what so ever spyware"???

    My kazaa works perfectly fine even if I disable the installation of those spyware that came together with it... I'm trouble free!
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    even if you uncheck all the boxes, read the EULA, it says at anytime they can upload stuff on your PC....i did the same thing (thinking i was being savvy) and then i kept getting this online lottery ticket scratch off program....
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    Of course I read the EULA... But I didn't come accorss any of those programs before. Nothing has been downloaded without my knowledge to my PC as far as I am concern.

    If you don't want anything to be downloaded to your pc behind you, why don't try installing a firewall which, in other hand, can protect you fro attackers as well?

    A good one would be ZoneAlarm.
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