Thread: HTTP server failure.

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    HTTP server failure.

    I have Apache running on one of my machines, it seems to work, if I type in in IE it shows the Apache welcome screen, (I haven't moved the default index.html yet). If I type in the IP of the Apache host machine on another machine on my side of my router, this too, can see the Apache server, and I get a connect logged in the server log. I am, therefore, pretty confident it is running.

    I have altered the address target at my domain resgistry to point to the fixed IP address I have for my DSL. This has trickled through to the DNS servers because if I type my url, it tells me it is trying to connect to the right IP. So I am pretty confident that stage has worked.

    The firewall in the router, (D-Link DI-804), is configured to open port 80 against the internal IP address of the server machine, router rebooted and it's status page shows me the correct settings. I am pretty confident that is okay.

    So I am pretty confident all the parts are working, but, when I now enter the url, it 404's.

    Anyone see why?
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    Hmmm, is your isp blocking port 80? I know this is the case for me

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    Far from being useful, I'm going to state that I have the same router and have had the same problem with a number of different web servers, and have never gotten it to work. It could be my ISP, but I've tested it on te FTP and Telnet ports as well, in addition to other ports, and possibly some non-standard ports (don't remember) to no avail. However, when I turned on remote hosting from the configuration page for the router, I was able to access that...
    My friend with a Linksys router and the same ISP encountered the same problem - mysterious, it could be the routers, or it could be the ISP. Anyway, there's my input.

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    maybe try adding your own 404 page to see if it is you that is generating it.
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    What IP to you have the server bound to? I'd have it set to the internal address and not the external one, if that doesn't work, try it the other way around. Not really sure, sorry.

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    Fixed I think, although I don't really understand why.

    Having fiddled with all manner of things, and tried some of the suggestions, I rang TeleDanmark and asked them if they were blocking the inbound ports, the said no. So I told them what the problem was and they asked me about the router settings.

    The "Ah, wait a minute" came when I told them about the fixed IP address. Then came, "when we say a fixed IP address, we actually mean a non-dynamic dynamic IP address, set the router to DHCP WAN side and it'll work". So I did and it did.

    I have all the paperwork out, (because I was trying to fix this), it says "you've ordered a fixed IP", "here is your fixed IP", "thankyou for ordering a fixed IP", "have fun with your fixed IP", "tell your friends about having a fixed IP", but in actual fact they have delivered a non-dynamic dynamic IP. Ho-hum.
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