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    Downloading in XP

    I feel realy dumb asking this, but im downloading a game, and i knwo that apps keep running in XP if you just choose, "switch user" So, if im downoading through IE, i could "switch user" and continue the download? its at least another 2 hours long, and if someone else uses the comp, it would still download, right? Even if it slowed.
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    No..It hink It will stop...If you lock the computer it will complete...

    Well...thats only what I think

    But the think is that winxp saves the apps running for the user in memory...don't know if thats a hazard to security...internet packages from another session running trhough another session
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    well, i had to go, and it completed the download, but all i did was hit the windoz key and the L key, to get to the switch user screen.

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    If you switch users, the d/l will continue. I know this because its happened on my PC with KaZaA.
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