Thread: lan card (win98) issues

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    lan card (win98) issues

    hello all,

    looking for some assistance before i go crazy, trying to install a new lan card in my win98 machine, every time i go through the setup procedure and reboot windows informs me the device "is not present, not working or has missing drivers"

    it is present, all drivers are installed - i bought a brand new card and installed that assuming the lan card was defective. Same errors, i changed the card to another pci slot (assuming a duff pci slot) i still get the error message, although the pci slot does work (tested with other devices) - anybody have any suggestions or ideas?


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    check out the makers website for the latest drivers, even if it came with a CD. Also open system properties/device manager and check if there are any conflicts (such an a built-in lan).

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    There is no onboard lan port and there are no memory address or IRQ conflicts, is this just one of windows wonderful little idiosyncrasies?

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    Last week I installed a lan card in my old Win 95 system. The system detected it when I booted up and asked for the driver disk, then the 95 disk then the driver disk then the 95....

    I shut it down and started again, but the lan card didn't work. Looking in the device manager it had the yellow ! against it. What I noticed was a whole new category of device had also appeared which also had the yellow !. I deleted that and rebooted then the lan card worked fine.
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    Such thing had happened with me also while installing lan card driver in Windows 95.

    When I installed the drivers for my lan card the system on rebooting said that the device attached to the system is not working properly and that yellow marks in my Device manager appeared.

    Next time at installation of Windows95 only I installed lan card drivers and then the system was working fine with lan card.

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