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    Friggin Mouse on Laptop

    My notebook pc (WinXP) has stopped responding to my external mouse - it's an IBM notebook so it has one of those red dots built in mouse that i am having to use now and it sux ass...

    I just upgraded so it can't really be windows - it's gotta be the BIOS or something that is interfering with my PS/2 slot - the external mouse does work but it's acting like the PS/2 slot is being overridden by the internal built in mouse. There is nothing wrong with the mouse or the PS/2 slot itself but something is telling the comp to ignore messages it recieves from that slot...

    How can i fix this - is there something i can reset - i have connected 3 other mice to this slot and all of them worked allowing me to use the external mouse up until i restart the notebook and then that mouse will no longer be recognized.

    Any one have ideas on what to do - there is an IBM recovery program that shows up that can be run before every startup -- but it ends up wanting to reinstall the default OS the comp came with (WinME)
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    do you have USB on the laptop? If so, can you use that?

    Have you tried installing new drivers for the mouse? see the RAM advice (page 2) thread for links to MS and Logitech drivers.

    Have you tried looking in the BIOS for something involving the mouse?

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    I have an IBM laptop too. The trackpoint (the red dot) is great! You bearly move your finger to move the mouse then back to typing in an instant. You probably hate it because it doesn't move very fast. That can be changed in the trackpoint options and also, new IBM laptops move the mouse across the screen in half a second (even with the resolution at 1400x1050).

    About your mouse, if its not USB, buy one. PS2 mouses will only work most of the times if you plug them in before you turn on the computer. If you plug it in after, the wheel might not work. Go to the IBM web site, find your model documentation and download the utility package where you can adjust the PS2 mouse and trackpoint settings.

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