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    Originally posted by Waldo2k2
    w/o the sensor will it run normally, or do i have to disconnect it's power from the mobo and run it off the psu?
    WARNING WALDO: If you do remove the sensor you will likely have to replace the two pins that the sensor was connected to with a jumper(because the sensor is a closed circuit, therefore if you remove it then there is no power to the fan, so find a jumper first). About your psu question waldo: It depends on whether or not your FAN is too powerful for the MB. For example: A ThermalTake Smart & Silent Volcano 9 runs at over 5 volts, it can run from the MB, but it is safer to run it from the PSU (its connector will look like one that converts 2-pin power to a 4-pin cable which connects to a 4-pin female PSU plug).

    BTW: If you need a picture I can show you.
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    >>jumper first

    no prob. im an electrician
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