Thread: Reading from CDROM

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    Reading from CDROM

    Whenever my computer is reading from the CDROM, sounds, mousemovements, everything slows down. Why is this? I remember a time when this didn't happen (before I formatted)
    I also put in another HD and changed which drives were on which IDE cables etc.
    Could the slowness have anything to do with my IDE configuration?

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    Sure it can. My burner is on the same line as the HDD, and it does this. My secondary is on its own line, and it does not.

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    What is your current IDE config? The best option is to have everything on it's own IDE cable. Most likely, it's not easy to do this but if it is that big of a problem, you could get a RAID card and use that to attach to your extra devices. Your best option is to make sure that any HDs are on seperate cables than your CD drives. I have HDs on one and my DVD player and Burner on another. Then I also have a RAID configuration that handles my 3rd and 4th HDs.

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    Do you have a CD drive and a HDD on the same IDE?

    If so, put your HDDs on the primary IDE, and your CDs on the secondary.

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    Generally Putting a hard-drive and a CD drive on the same IDE cable is a problem waiting to happen. It is best to seperate HDD's and CD's on different IDE cable's.

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