Thread: WinXP.ini <- The truth is out there... I think.

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    WinXP.ini <- The truth is out there... I think.

    We just got a new computer a few months ago, and it had XP - I'm still used to using 3.1 and occasionally other still DOS-based systems like 95 and 98. I was reinstalling Borland Turbo C++ 4.5 for Windows, and it asked me to register. I've already registered when I installed it on our previous PC, and so I took the only other option: Later. I used to take care of this by going to win.ini or similar files and using EDIT.COM to take out the file. Every time I log on, I get the message saying that Windows is having problems running remind.exe - the "Register Later" program. I'm not surprized - it's old. Anyway - XP has a completely different kernel, and I'm wandering how to solve the problem this time. Anyone?

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    This is a bit more of a tech board question...
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    i'm not too sure about this, but would a roleback help?
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    >>i'm not too sure about this, but would a roleback help?

    Yea until the programs action is taken again. Check your services to make sure something using it is not running (start---programs--admin tools---services).

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    try right clickin -> properties -> compatability -> run it in compatibility mode for Win95 or 98.

    if that fails uninstall it and download a new version, i think 5.05 is free.

    or like RoD says.
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    Moved... Sean, I'd PM you to let you know, but I can't...
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