Thread: Randomly Restarting Computer

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    Almost the same with me =] i have built a lot of systems that run Win Xp and this is the first one that has rlly given me any trouble.... Have no clue why.... And i rlly hate it had to happen to this rlly expensive state-of-the-art computer (check the stats in the first post ;])

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    Originally posted by DirX
    Yeah, the major problem is however i built this system for someone else and he quits badly wants it =] and right now it won't even install simple stuff like Office XP and Half-Life and it crashes every time you copy files.... Not rlly a system i feel confident enough to deliver.... I tried the Soltek Support but all they seem to be e-mailing me is links to microsoft knowledge base article's.....
    Try a different HDD or IDE cable.

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    Try swapping your memory with a friends memory that you know works. I have had this problem with many customers computer and 50% of the time it was a faulty memory module. It could also be numerous other things, but I would first try exchanging memory. I have had lots of problems like the one you stated especially with DDR 266, and more so with higher, but still it can happen with pc133. Good luck.
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    I tried swapping the HDD and the IDE cables also i tried using using a friends 333 ram and i got the original 512 400 replaced with 2x 256 400 (the store ran out of 512 sticks) but niether helped... is it possible something is wrong with the motherboard? should i try getting that replaced??

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    Originally posted by Hammer
    You're not alone... my XP box gives me plenty of BSOD's; and I thought this was supposed to be a super stable OS
    I would try a re-install Hammer. I've had XP installed on my box for over a year and have yet to have a BSOD.

    DirX, it sounds to me like an overheating problem or a bad connection somewhere. try taking all but the basic components out and running it... then let us know what happens.

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