Thread: Some say, linux is ugly...

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    Some say, linux is ugly...

    Ok, In a lot of boards, I see the question, how Linux looks, and some people answer linux is ugly and don't support a lot of languages bla bla bla, now I have to *nix based OS on my computers, one is an AIX as my server and the others is a workstation under linux, here go some screenshots of my desktop...

    Well, it don't looks bad, and most important, my computers is still fast ....

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    I personally dont think its ugly, well if its just plain console then yes it does looking boring and ugly.

    I dont see how Windows looks any better, I like how linux looks.

    Is that KDE 3.0 that you are using?

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    Looks pretty nice.

    I'm more fond of blues myself.

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    yes it's kde 3.03.
    Well, I don't think linux is ugly... my AIX is, but it's a server not an workstation

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    Well it was to show how linux (well, better how kde) looks

    Cuz some people here in this board, tell things like, icq, mirc and other don't work on linux, all there is textual and so on.

    Hmm, and what's the problem? why this can't be here? the photo isn't in this server, and I'm talking about tech, well vVv I don't understand what you want :/

    Ahh and about your signature, hehe "Void only returns int" it was a mistake, I was trying to write, main() only returns int

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