Thread: Installing Linux Radhat 8.0

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    Installing Linux Radhat 8.0

    Ok. I am now trying to install Redhat Linux 8.0 on my laptop. I set my computer so it reads the cd-rom first, and will install on boot. As soon as I start a install in graphical mode, or text, or I try to rescue ect. my screen turns to a blue screen where it freezes. When it freezes the screen, the screen says Initializing PC card devices, and there are no pc cards on my computer. It also gives me a message saying Kernal Panic: unable to continue. What do I do?

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    thats easy... install windows
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    You burned well the disks?
    No other error msgs?

    My suggestion is, change to red-hat 7.3, the 8.0 version isn't so good, neither easier for new people to linux.

    If you want something easier, go to Mandrake, it's extremely easy and user-friendly linux.

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