Thread: 3D rendering and modeling with Linux?

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    Unhappy 3D rendering and modeling with Linux?

    Hei guys,
    You know, I've got a problem: I like doing graphics and I've been using such progs as Vue d'esprit, World Builder, Bryce, Lightwave etc. But two months ago I changed my main OS to Linux.
    Now I can't find anything similar to the progs I mentioned earlier for Linux. For some reason I don't like Blender...
    I've tried to download many different progs (Moonlight, PMR etc) but comparing with ie Bryce they all are nothing. I like to make "nature pics", landscapes and so on. Can anyone tell me what prog for Linux I can use?

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    Ask here: Clicky

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    A good place to start would be Google or perhaps sourceforge
    I found and
    I don't know if these live up to your expectations but they might be worth trying.
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    Why don't you try "Blender" it's a great 3D Modeling and Rendering program, it works under:
    Mac OS X
    Linux i386
    Linux i386 static
    Linux PPC
    Linux PPC static

    And as far as I know, soon, it will be avaible for AIX too.

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