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    Windows xp new installation

    Well uhm, last time that i formatted my pc, i couldn't get xp on the system, i first had to install another OS like win98, but isn't there a way to install windows xp (i've got the prof. edition) directly after a system format?

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    Yes you can, but you need the right disk. It sounds to me like you've got an upgrade disk rather than an install disk. The upgrade disks are a good deal cheaper than the install disks.
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    Is it same as home edition? If formatted (trying hard to remember) I think mine asked me for my ME CDROM before XP installed.

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    if its the whole version and not the upgrade. go into bios and make your compyter boot the cd-rom drive first. that will pick up the cd before doing anything else.if that dont work, try pushing f8 right at the post screen, and pick your options.

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