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    Question Disk defragmenting

    Is there a faster way to defragment a hard drive than using the defragmenter that's included with the rest of the system tools in Windows XP?

    It takes soooooooo long to defragment?

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    Start it running before you go to lunch, or leave the office for the day.
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    Don't make a mess of your harddrive, Buy a fast harddrive,
    Defrag frequently.

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    I have experienced that DiskKeeper does a much better job than windows standard Defragmenter. Download DiskKeeper and defrag once every 1-2 weeks.

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    I used to be a freak about this... but when I switched to XP, I used NTFS... haven't defragged once in over a year and it works fine. FAT32 is probably a problem tho. See above if that's the case.

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    jkust let it run over night dont wwait forever to do it i do once a month or so, buit jsut let it run over night much easier
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    I've got windows 98se and I had to start in safe mode to run defrager because everything kept writing to the hd and that made defrag start over. It might be faster if you just use safe mode.

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    Use Nortons speed disc!

    It is waaaay faster and works really well.
    Such is life.

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    Don't forget when you defrag your HD, to restart the computer in safe-mode, else, the defrag will restart his operations some times.

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