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    DLL Viewer?

    Hello, I am currentlys searching for an application that allows a viewing of a .DLL file in an uncompressed version (not cryptic). I need this so I can right a module for a current add on to a program already created so I can view what functions are created and called to use.

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    If you have Visual Studio, there's always "Depends"... it can be found under tools.

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    Nope I don't have visual studio - I am programming in C++ with a free compiler called DevC++ (by Bloodshed) is there any freeware or shareware out on the internet?

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    Depends (or dependancy viewer) can also be found with the platform SDK......but all that tool will do is tell you what symbols (these are usually function names) are have no info on what the func does, what should be passed to it, or what it be carefull

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    It's actually called Dependency Walker and can be downloaded from the official site . Now with 64-bit module support!

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